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1st-Aug-2009 05:38 pm - Comic Con and Other Random Stuff
It's been 22 weeks since I last posted!  Life has been so crazy I've been rejecting lj like whoa.  I'm not going to go through everything that has happened, but at least the major stuff.  

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So that has been my life in a nutshell.  I'll try and journal more often as I feel it can be a very cathartic experience.  Leaving with my normal quote of the day:
"You know what I would save the receptionist.  Just wanted to clear that up."

21st-Feb-2009 08:44 pm - Blegh
I'm starting to feel as if something is wrong with me emotionally.  I go through these stages of irritation, happiness, and sadness all in one day.  My moods feel like they change in a split second.  Today was one of those days.  I just felt so depressed during certain times of the day.  I went out tonight, stuffed myself with food, and spent money at Target for stuff I did not need.  Sometimes at work, I feel like I just want to cry for no reason.  I'm very close to speaking with someone professionally about this because it's been going on since freshmen year of college, when I feel like I messed myself up for life.  I'm happy with my life.  I am happy with my job.  I am happy with my amazing friends.  There are just times where I wish I could just run away from it all.  Sometimes, I feel like just driving as far as I can past the exit on the way home or on the way to work.  I sometimes just want to leave it all behind.  I feel as if I am almost 24 years old.  What do I have to show for it?  I'm tired of feeling this way for no reason.  I do not want to go back to the person I was at 18.  I feel sometimes like I am regressing to that stage of my life.  Talking about the symptoms and signs of depression in my Abnormal Psychology class this past week brought all of that up again.  Maybe I am just trying to diagnose myself.  I'm not looking for sympathy.  I just needed to get these feelings out the best way I can.  
Quote:  There's no happy ending.  So they say.  Not for me anyway.

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28th-Jan-2009 06:29 pm - Buffy/Angel and Life
I've tried
I'm not sure if I posted this since it's been about a month since I last posted, but I finally finished Buffy.  I cried like a little baby as I always seem to do now a days when I am watching tv.  Overall, I really enjoyed it.  It gave great closure while still leaving it open ended.  I bought the first two comics that have been released and at some point I'll get to them.  I bought the complete series of Angel because I've heard nothing but great things about the show later on in it's run.  I like the character of Angel when him and Buffy aren't being all angsty and emo together.  I'm sure Angel is an emo and brooding character in general, but without the addition of Buffy's issues on top of it, I think I can tolerate it a bit more.  Plus, I am in love with Borenaz's character Boothe on Bones so I'm excited to see him as the lead in a show.  I already know what basically happens and I sort of unintentionally spoiled myself about character deaths and plot, but this show has been out for so long it was bound to happen.  It actually made me more excited to really get into it.  My plan once I finish Angel is to go back, start Buffy from the beginning and once I get to Buffy season 4, switch off watching the corresponding Angel episodes since they were aired one after the other originally.  I just love shows that cross over like that, like Dr Who and Torchwood and to an even lesser extent Private Practice and Grey's Anatomy.  What would really make my day is an Office/30 Rock crossover.  Scranton and NYC aren't too far away.  Perhaps Michael's favorite show is the Girlie Show with Tracey Jordan and treats to Office to a trip to Rockefellar center to take the NBC tour and hilarity ensues.  I've also started Arrested Development as well.  I vaguely remember watching episodes now and then back when it was airing on Fox, but I really want to watch it all the way through.  I've just been on a TV DVD kick lately.  Besides shows like Lost, the Office and 30 Rock, I've been watching most of my shows off the DVR.  I really do not have the time anymore.  This latest class has just killed me.  I expected to get a lot of work in grad school, but this class got a bit out of hand just piling everything up, especially right after Christmas break.  This is the last week for it and I can't wait.  My learning team this time around was full of a bunch of whiney babies who are on academic probation.  I compiled the latest paper and from what I saw of the writing, I can see why.  Someone acutally cited something from wikipedia!  Really?!  For a big grad school paper!?  I was sure to indicate to the professor who did which section so they can be penalized for using such a shotty source for a paper.  Anyways, life is going good.  I am doing a pretty good job saving up my money.  It's just nice to see money in my account for a change.  I was barely surviving with what I made part time between having a social life and having to buy the normal necessities.  Work is just so boring and tedious lately.  We had some major staff changes and so it's taken some adjusting to, but things are getting back on track.  I just like feeling included in the team.  At my old job, I was off by myself in a classroom and the only interaction I got the with investigators was either to have them give me a task or to tell me to get out of the classroom since they had a meeting to do.  I won't even mention the bitch investigator that tried to get me in trouble and make it seem like I was doing absolutely nothing and not fulfilling my duties.  Luckily the supervisor stepped in and was like, "it's not her job to an investigator.  The rules have changed and the powers that be don't want part timers going out into the field to do the job you should be doing."  At that point I didn't care because I knew I wasn't staying and even when I left, most of them didn't even know I had left which showed just how well they knew I was there.  Now I'm in the middle of things and actually involved.  Plus the pay is like triple what I was making.  So that is that.  And now I leave you with a quote from Flight of the Conchord:
They call me, Hip-Hop-apotamus
My rhymes are bottomless.......
27th-Dec-2008 09:21 am - Christmas!!
So Christmas was pretty fucking awesome!  Started out great when I went to a couple parties.  We had one for our office and it was actually fun.  I feel like I am starting to fit in with these people.  At least they aren't calling me the new Katie (which was the name of the girl who had my position before).  I think I might actually be too big of a geek for them if that makes sense.  When I find out people are into something I am into, I want to talk about it and really get good conversation going.  That helps me open up a bit more.  They are into things like Dr Who or Twilight or other tv shows, but we never really get into it.  Yes, we are at work, but it isn't just work all the time.  We are in the office for like 8 hours a day, sometimes more.  We aren't always quiet.  It seems to be just with me though cause they can go on and on about past experiences.  Like I said, I think I'm too geeky for them.  I can't relate to them the same way I can with everyone in the LVHPF or should I say the LVBHS.  Anyways, the Christmas party was a lot of fun.  We did Yankee Swap type of thing, but I think we played it wrong.  Plus, nobody was stealing.  There were a few instances in which people bought gifts specifically for certain people which is what happened with the Office game.  As soon as I saw someone open it, I knew what I was going to steal.  One of my coworkers brought over his two Yorkie puppies and they provided the entertainment.  They were so stinking cute.  It reminded me of when Monte was a little puppy.  We got him around this time about 6 years ago.  Then there was a little gift exchange between friends in which I got amazing gifts.  I got an all region dvd player, life on mars season 2, 30 rock season 2, and awesome I <3 Boys that sparkle key chain and sticker, and I <3 Jim post its and note pads which are impossible to find at Target when all the dollar office stuff are put out.  That was just a great night of movies and making cookies.  Christmas Eve was pretty good.  I was supposed to work from 8-7 to cover medical passports, but my supervisor let me go around 6 because there were no releases and the place was completely dead.  I headed off to my cousin's place who has Christmas every year and entered the chaos that usually ensues when my Las Vegas family gets together.  Of course the majority of the food was just pasta with fish sauce with fish on top.  It looked so good, but i wasn't willing to risk my shell fish allergy to have some.  My dinner basically was bread, a tiny slice of broccoli pie, salad, and some turkey.  I was pretty much starving as there really was nothing else.  I just filled that hunger with some booze.  I just made myself a few cocktails and my uncle who is a bar tender at the Mandalay Bay was whipping up some drinks for us to try.  My grandpa shouldn't be allowed to mix drinks anymore.  He was whipping up some nasty concoctions that would probably make Carey hang his head in shame.  My cousin and I try one and it seriously tasted like the nasty medicine I would have to take as a kid.  He thought it was good, but he paid for it later.  The kids opened their gifts which was insanity.  My two younger cousins freaked out because they got some Twilight stuff.  The adults did a Yankee Swap which I participated in.  I got a dart board and a lava lamp which was pretty cool.  Then my family went home and we did our normal present opening close to midnight.  Everyone loved the gifts I got them.  My little sister loved the zebra phone cover I got for her Blackberry and the Jacob wall scroll I got her because she is in love with Taylor Lautner and I think she might even be Team Jacob for that reason alone.  I got a really great haul.  My parents never cease to amaze me with what they can pull off.  I even told my parents not to get me anything, but my mom just can't let me not open stuff.  The first thing which I wanted more than anything was a red Nintendo DS which I got along with Guitar Hero and Brain Age 2.  I also got Dark Knight and thankfully Lost s4 which I was holding off buying just in case I got it for Christmas.  Everyone knows I am a huge Lost fan so it was really killing me that I didn't have it the day it came out.  I got some really great clothes that I can wear for work or if I am going out .  I got a really nice sweater than I am in love with.  Also got a pair of maroon chucks, red gloves, and a pair of black Mary Janes at least I think that's what the shoe is called.  I got some great Twilight things like a hoodie from my grandparents and those rubber bracelets I love to wear.  Perhaps the best Twilight gift and the coolest gift of the night was a Twilight Soundtrack old school vinyl record.  It has the songs Decode which is not surprising and Full Moon by the Black Ghosts which is a song I quite enjoy on it.  There apparently is a story behind this.  My mom of course wen to Hot Topic and supposedly those records are a limited run that are not being sold anywhere are hard to find.  She pretty much got the last one.  Then, she had the brilliant idea of buying it for me and telling me she figured since I can't play it since we don't have a records player, to buy a nice frame for it and put it up on my wall.  I was like blown away that she came up with that idea.  If I can ever get it signed I can die happy.  Then I got some random diet stocking stuffers and played on my DS till I couldn't stay awake any longer.  We all felt like we were little kids again because we all got what we wanted.  I got my DS and awesome Twilight stuff and Lost, my sister got her make up stuff and clothes she wanted, my brother got the clothes and video games he wanted, and my sister got her phone cover and her iPod nano she wanted.  Christmas day was uneventful as it usually is.  I just enjoyed my day off and played on my DS.  My grandma and uncle came over for dinner.  My grandpa was sick from the night before.  My grandma refused to admit he was hung over, but he was.  That and he got sick from the nasty drinks he was mixing.  Then the night ended with us watching the Dark Knight (which one of my sisters hadn't seen yet) and me watching the Dr Who Christmas special.  That was the highlight of the day.  It was just absolutely fantastic.  I really can't see how anyone can say it sucked or that is was okay.  It had everything that you would want and expect in a Christmas special.  It was right on par with the past ones which are awesome as well.  David Morrisey and David Tennant are great on screen together and carried over that amazing chemistry they had in Blackpool.  It was a great mix of drama, emotion, comedy, and action all rolled into one.  It just makes me sad knowing that now there are only 3 specials left which means 3 episodes till Tennant leaves us and the doctor regenerates.  At least it is reassuring he will be going out on top and as possibly one of the most favorite doctors of all time.  He will always be my #1 doctor.  And that was that.  Christmas was over and it was back to work.  Now it's on to New Years and then we enter 2009.  So much is happening that year I don't even know where to begin.  We get 2 specials for Dr Who, Lost starts up again, Watchmen, Half-Blood Price, New Moon among others I'm sure, and two big trips on opposite coasts one of which is for sure and one up in the air, and then my little baby brother graduates high school goes off to Long Beach State for his freshmen year of college in the fall.  My sister also will be getting her licence and receiving confirmation.  And my other sister turns 21!  Lots of great stuff to look forward to.  To end this, I have finally finished Buffy.  A great end to a great series that I know I will want to just rewatch over and over again.  I am even more sad now that I completely missed the bandwagon with that show.  Even some of the later seasons that were just ok are better than most of the shit that is on tv today. 
"You'r surrounded by armed bastards."
5th-Dec-2008 11:22 pm - Song Poem
Stolen from my fictional Twilight husbandchildofpisces  Put your mp3 player on shuffle and put down the first line for the first 20 songs that play and make a little poem out of them.  Here it goes.

You told me you love me
I've been dead for fifty years
I lost myself at your show last night
My tears gone cold I'm wondering why I got out of bed at all
Now I know that I can't make you stay
I woke up today
I cannot disguise all the stomach pains and the walking of the canes
When I walk up in the piece
You know that it would be untrue
It takes two
Well I was walking past the Hog's Head at the end of the day
Breathe in breathe out tell me all of your doubt
Sister I'm not much
Whose that girl that's always first to raise her hand
Going out tonight everybody dance time
You're not alone
I have climbed highest mountains
Your world is an ashtray
Last years wishes of this years apologies
Here's the thing started out friends

Very interesting.  Everything from wizard rock to System of a Down to Kelly Clarkson.

4th-Dec-2008 10:13 pm(no subject)
First off I just needed to post this because I think it pretty much summed up how I felt once the movie was over when we saw it at midnight.  My review is under the cut.  Icon courtesy of lovesickmelody1 

Bite Me!!Collapse )
21st-Nov-2008 02:48 pm - Twilight

Sometime by the end of the weekend I'm going to post a review of the twilight movie. In a nut shell, I loved it.

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11th-Nov-2008 11:42 am - New car

So finally I am getting a new car!!! I'm so excited!! It's a red chevy cobalt. We all pretty much have Chevys because my cousin is the gm at the pahrump location so he takes car of us. But yeah I'm super excited. I should have it in a few dad once all the paper work is done. I wanna get a custom plate tyt has to do with some fandom. If anybody has suggestions let me know. All I'm sure I don't really want an harry potter one. Might wanna do an office lost or twilight one. So that's it. Back to work.

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1st-Nov-2008 11:27 am - Life.....the real one, not the Show
Yeah, I know I&#39;m awesome
It's been a hella long time since I posted.  Truth be told after getting my job, wow a month ago on Monday already, I haven't really had time for anything.  Working the normal 8-5 shift sucks sometimes.  Plus the office is a good 35-45 minute drive from my house so I'm out the door around 7:10-7:15 and I am not getting home till sometimes after 6.  I think I've picked up on everything so far.  I basically request medical records from doctors and hospitals at the request of the caseworkers.  Some kids might be getting adopted or may be in foster care long term and the placement needs to know if there are previous medical conditions and what immunizations they've had and such.  It's pretty boring and tedious work.  I type out the requests, get one legal sheet notorized, and fax it or mail it off.  I have my first one on one with my supervisor on Monday so I guess I'll find out then how I'm doing so far.  It's just kinda stressful because I'm trying to catch up on the work left over by the last girl while at the same time doing the requests coming in and have to transport kids to doctor's appointments which as we all know can take a few hours.  I'm enjoying it though and it's nice to have a big fat paycheck every 2 weeks.  It's also dangerous for me because now that I actually am making good money, I find myself spending more, knowing I will still have hundreds left in my account.  I need to curve my spending a lot better.  I went on a huge Twilight shopping spree yesterday with childofpisces  at hot topic.  I got an awesome t-shirt with the Cullen crest and all the Cullens and Bella on it, some pins, key chains, and a posters.  I'm trying really hard not to get my expectations too high for this movie because I the higher they are the more disappointed I might be, but I'm so super excited.  I personally love and enjoy the series and I just can't get over how hot Robert Pattinson is.  I bought the movie companion and he is just smokin'.  Based on the clips I've seen and the interviews I've read, it's gonna be a huge success.  The budget wasn't very big since unlike Harry Potter, there weren't sets to build and green screen stuff.  It was more let's go to Oregon, film shit in the woods and at a school, do some wire work, make Edward dazzle and call it a day.  I'm confident that the rest of the series will be picked up for movie deals.  It just gives me something else to look forward on top of Half-Blood Prince.  I'm excited again for Half-Blood Prince after watching the lastest trailer.  I don't know why we are getting one so far in advance, but after watching it a few more times I like it more and more.  Though I admit I can't stop watching the Twilight one.  Last bit of news, I got an iPhone 3g!!!!!  I was going back and forth the day before because I know my parents wouldn't want me to spend so much on a phone my first pay check out, but listening to the bitching and trying to convince me not to buy it, I went out that Saturday night and got it.  Best.  Decision.  Ever!!!  I love it soooo much!!!  I can't put it down and it's come in handy so many times already.  I've named it Edward Cullen because not only does it dazzle me, but I am in love with it.  I got the 8g because frankly, I already have an 80g iPod video so I didn't really need the 16g one.  I'm in the process of making my iPod just filled with my podcasts and videos.  I have a program that can rip dvds and convert them to mp4's so I will be doing that to all my tv dvds and movies so I have them wherever I go.  I watch tv at lunch, when I get one, so it's just nice to have my shows in the palm of my hand for plane rides and such.  My podcasts take up a lot of space as well because I listen to way too many so I figured that it would be put to better use to save my music for the iPhone so I can play it out loud when I'm driving home from work.  So yeah if you have the means to get an iPhone, get one.  You won't regret it.  I have no complaints about it so far and I don't think I ever will honestly.  So that's my life for the past month in a nutshell.  I'll try to post a bit more.
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